Things never change

The art frame shop 'Things never change' sells art that resonate memory, and retrieve the time we forget in a tangible format. I tried to convey the classic concept of the brand making it all typographic to accentuate the vintage art. Things never change aims to create a leading frame design shop that suits for any kinds of interior design. 

Branding the brand

Things never change is a classic, vintage frame shop that resonates the faded memory that we once had. Even though the brand targets intangible subjects, branding should be straight-forward so anyone would think of what the logo truly conveys, which is why I chose typography, other than a symbol. 

I initially thought of old newspaper where all the articles are outdated, but still informative to read. This is the concept I had for the branding of Things never change – something typographic, sans-serif, and classic must be suitable.